TXT’s Hueningkai Keeps Losing His Items So Often, He’s Giving BTS’s RM A Run For His Money

At this rate, he’s losing even more items than RM! 😂

BTS‘s RM is known as the “God of Destruction” for not only somehow always breaking items, but also for frequently losing his possessions. And it looks like TXT‘s Hueningkai is coming for that title as well.

| @TXT_bighit/Twitter

During a game in their recent appearance on Weekly Idol, Beomgyu exposed Hueningkai’s habit of constantly losing his items everywhere he goes, the most recent being his phone.

Hueningkai simply thought he left it at the shoot, but luckily after some intense searching, a staff member found it.

While he’s lost typical items like earphones and chargers, he’s also lost some more serious items as well.

At this rate, he’ll be at RM’s god level of losing items in no time!

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