TXT’s Hueningkai Grew Up “Living A Lie,” Which He Realized After Seeing Childhood Photos Of His Famous Dad

He had an adorable childhood misconception. 😂

TXT‘s Hueningkai revealed that he grew up “living a lie” after an adorable misconception he had as a kid.

TXT’s Hueningkai | @TXT_members/Twitter

The TXT member and his famous siblings, former idol and current social media influencer older sister Lea Navvab Huening and current 4th gen-idol Kep1er‘s Huening Bahiyyih, were born to be stars.

Shortly after TXT’s debut, fans realized the Huening siblings have a famous dad, Nabil David Huening, who had a successful career as a singer and actor in China.


Nabil David Huening | China Daily

Nabil Huening was born in Brazil, raised in America, and is of German heritage. He moved to China to pursue a career in the entertainment industry when he was only 17 years old. His multi-cultural and multilingual upbringing was passed along to his famous children, who have all captivated fans with their musical talents and multilingual skills.

His musical talents weren’t the only thing passed down to his children; his distinct features can also be seen in each of his gorgeous kids.

(From left to right) Kep1er’s Huening Bahiyyih, TXT’s Hueningkai, and Lea Navvab Huening | @txt.bighitent/TikTok

Hueningkai revealed in TXT’s recent live broadcast that he grew up wondering what was wrong with his hair because of a hilarious misconception.

He was born with adorable wavy brown hair, but he shared that he always wondered why he wasn’t blonde.

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He thought he should be because his dad was rocking blonde locks.

Hueningkai didn’t realize at the time, because he was so young, that the blonde wasn’t his dad’s natural hair color. His dad had been bleaching his hair.

Hueningkai hilariously shared that he didn’t realize his dad wasn’t a natural blond until much later when he stumbled upon his dad’s childhood photos.

While Hueningkai may not have been born blonde, he has since tried out the lighter hair color, among many other colors, and looks amazing in every style he tries!

Check out more about the Huening siblings’ famous father in the article below!

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