TXT’s Soobin Is Taking After BTS’s “Jin Hit” In The Funniest Way

Like senior, like junior.

BTS‘s Jin might be Big Hit Music‘s biggest business-savvy artist, but he’s not the only one. TXT‘s Soobin is already walking in “Jin Hit’s” footsteps!

BTS’s Jin

This isn’t all that surprising, considering that Soobin named Jin as his favorite Big Hit Music senior

TXT’s Soobin

Jin sunbaenim.

– Soobin

…right in front of Lee Hyun and BTS’s Jimin!

From left to right: Soobin, Jimin, Jin, and Lee Hyun.

He really said it.

– Lee Hyun

Soobin and Jin are both playful, witty people who love joking with fans on the Weverse app. Recently, Soobin shared a Polaroid photo of himself that his fellow member Beomgyu helped him take. Soobin told MOA that he frequently asks for Beomgyu’s help with photos, but he takes many of them by himself using a tripod and a timer.

| Weverse

Naturally, MOA wanted Soobin’s photo for their own collection! One fan wrote, “Soobin-ah, how much [money] do you want?” 

| Weverse

In reply, Soobin said, “I’ll take whatever price you offer hahaha.” Hmm. Does that sound familiar?

| Weverse

Jin is forever trying to make extra cash by auctioning off his stuff (and his members’!) to the highest bidder! Most recently, he jokingly declared that he would sell BTS’s gold medals from Run BTS! for millions of dollars.

| Weverse

I’m selling the gold medals from Run BTS! I want a direct transaction, I’m thinking of a ₩1.00 trillion KRW [about $896 million USD]. Interested billionaires, please contact me.

— Jin

While Soobin was open to hypothetically taking “whatever price,” from MOA, Jin wasn’t about to let ARMY lowball him!

| Weverse

I’m not saying I’ll sell for ₩1.00 million KRW [about $896 USD], it’s a discount up to ₩1.00 million KRW [about $896 USD], so please prepare to pay  999,990,000,000 won.

— Jin

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