TXT’s Soobin Couldn’t Help But Fanboy Over ENHYPEN’s Ni-ki

Find someone who looks at you like Soobin looks at Ni-ki.

TXT‘s Soobin can’t stop gushing over ENHYPEN and neither can we!

TXT and ENHYPEN: Playground | HYBE Labels

MOAs live for MC Soobin on KBS‘s Music Bank because they always look forward to his interactions with other idols, especially with his fellow labelmates like ENHYPEN. Recently, he and Ni-ki had an adorable moment together during an interview.

A fan posted on Weverse a photo of Soobin smiling at Ni-Ki while they were on Music Bank. They asked, “Did you find Ni-ki cute?”

| TXT/Weverse

Soobin responded, admitting Ni-ki was cute! He said that he wishes to get to him better, but Ni-ki keeps getting flustered. 🥺

SUCH A PUPPY!!!!! I can’t get enough of him because when I try to talk to him to get to know him better, he keeps getting all flustered. LOL.

— Soobin

| TXT/Weverse

It sounds like they’re both fans of each other! We can’t blame either Soobin or Ni-ki. They’re both so cute!

Check out ENHYPEN’s interview below:

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Source: KBS Kpop
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