TXT’s Soobin And Hueningkai’s Interaction With A Lucky MOA Showcases Their True Personality

The lucky MOA found themselves at the same restaurant as the TXT members.

TXT has a close connection with their fans, often treating MOAs more like family. The group is frequently acknowledged for their kind and personable interactions on and off stage.

(From left to right) TXT’s Soobin, Hueningkai, Beomgyu, Yeonjun, and Taehyun on stage in Atlanta, GA | @TXT_bighit/Twitter

Recently, it seems that MOAs have been running into the TXT members in public more frequently, and each has had nothing but praise for how the top 4th-gen idols have acted.

During the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022, a lucky MOA shared on TikTok that they ended up at the same restaurant as Taehyun, who was watching the game. Not only did they meet him, but they also got their phone signed.

Another MOA ran into Soobin at the movie theater and was able to meet him after the movie, Avatar: The Way of the Water ended. TXT’s leader was seated behind the fan, who reported that Soobin was trying to sit lower in his seat to not disturb people sitting behind him with his tall height.

After the movie, the fan approached Soobin, and he kindly signed items for her while discussing the film. The fan was even luckier as Soobin shared he recognized them from a previous interaction they had with Yeonjun, who they met at a filming of Inkigayo.

The fan had asked Yeonjun to pass along happy birthday wishes to Soobin, so Yeonjun took a picture of the fan to remember to tell TXT’s leader. Soobin then recognized the fan from the photo.

The items Soobin signed | @Ye_onjunida/Twitter

Recently, TXT’s Hueningkai and Soobin shared another instance where they ran into a MOA, and it was difficult to tell who was the fan from the TXT members’ reactions.

On Weverse, Soobin shared that he and Hueningkai had just finished eating lunch together and ran into a MOA.

TXT’s Soobin (left) and Hueningkai (right) | @txt_members/Twitter

Soobin said a friend joined the TXT members, so Soobin planned to eat quickly and introduce himself to the fan, but they left before he could do so.

He sweetly apologized for not having the opportunity to greet them formally, but they were able to interact with Hueningkai, who responded to the MOA saying “dubaddu” with the “wari wari” move from their song, “MOA Diary (Dubaddu Wari Wari).”

TXT’s Beomgyu dancing to “MOA Diary (Dubaddu Wari Wari)” 

Their humble and kind interactions with fans truly showcase their genuine personalities. TXT continues to prove that as much as MOAs love TXT, the group is just as enamored with their precious fans!

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