TXT’s Soobin And NCT’s Doyoung Can Relate To Their Members Getting Too Carried Away—Literally

They’ve been in each other’s shoes.

Although there haven’t been any interactions between NCT 127‘s Doyoung and TXT‘s Soobin, the two of them would have the most amusing conversation about how their members love to mess with them when there’s water involved.

Whenever there’s some ocean water or a pool in sight, the two are always dragged toward it thanks to their members.

During NCT 127’s shoot as brand ambassadors for Nature Republic, the group hit the beach for some filming and fun. Before the behind-the-scenes clip even reached a minute in, they couldn’t resist going for Doyoung.

While Yuta bust out his breakdancing moves and Jaehyun and Jungwoo got into a mini fighting match, the rest of them headed straight for Doyoung. Minding his own business, Doyoung was standing until Johnny picked him up like he was a sack of potatoes.

With Taeyong and Haechan‘s help for their very precious cargo, Johnny carried Doyoung toward the water. Even Jungwoo, Yuta, and Jaehyun had to join in on the fun, chasing after them. Soobin could relate.

In OneDream.TXT, Soobin remembered when his members had done the same thing to him. When they were relaxing at the pool, they tried to push their poor leader in.

When they’d taken a trip to a water park, his members had succeeded in plunging him into the water. It happened so often that day, Soobin lost his temper on them for the first time ever. Looking back on it, he and the members could laugh about it.

If anyone can relate to NCT 127 testing Doyoung by pretending to plunge him into the water, it’s definitely Soobin. Without their rowdy members, their beach trips would be way too peaceful.

See Johnny, Haechan, and Taeyong plotting to cool Doyoung off.