TXT’s Soobin Revealed The New Habit He Picked Up From Being A “Music Bank” MC

He wouldn’t be the MC everyone loves without it.

Ever since TXT‘s Soobin and OH MY GIRL‘s Arin became the MCs for Music Bank, the two have gained more than a precious friendship and the love of fans. Soobin revealed a new habit he picked up from preparing for the show.

Arin and Soobin. | @KBSMusicBank/Twitter

Because Soobin and Arin head to the studio every week to record the show, they shared whether or not they had any new habits from doing so.

One immediately came to mind for Soobin, who said, “I’ve started taking chewing gum everywhere.” Since many people would be just as curious as Arin, Soobin revealed why it was so essential.

Soobin said, “It helps me focus when I’m tired.” There was another important reason, though.

Making Arin laugh, Soobin pointed out that his voice wasn’t in top condition early in the morning. He added, “And you probably noticed when we did the reading in the morning… But, I sound really bad when I haven’t relaxed my jaw muscles.

To get rid of the tension” and prepare to take on the MC role that fans love him for, Soobin needs just a little warm-up.

Watch Soobin share the simple habit that comes with a big reward.


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