TXT’s Soobin Reveals The Story Behind His Iconic “Bowing Battle” With BTS’s Jin

The mystery has been solved!

When it comes to HYBE, they are home to some of the biggest groups in K-Pop, including BTSTXT, and ENHYPEN! Despite the age gap between the groups and members, fans have witnessed some adorable interactions between the groups, particularly BTS and TXT!

The members of TXT recently appeared on an episode of MMTG with host JaeJae where they discussed their new album, what genre of music they want to try in the future, and much more! As always, JaeJae made them feel comfortable, and fans were treated to another hilarious episode.

In particular, JaeJae asked Soobin about the iconic picture from an episode of M Countdown when the two groups were both promoting their music. After BTS picked up the win for their track “Boy With Luv,” the group celebrated with their encore stage.

Soobin explained that, after BTS had won, the group was ready to leave the stage and allow their seniors to have their moment. Yet, they were shocked when the staff members suddenly told them something different.

To be honest, before we went up, the staff told us not to come down and congratulate them, so we were like ‘Congratulations!’ We were about to get off the stage, but the staff standing below the stairs were like (go, go).

— TXT’s Soobin

JaeJae also found it amusing how the staff just told the group to stay without any prior warning. Soobin emphasized just how confusing it was for them, adding, “We couldn’t get off, so we amongst ourselves we were like ‘What do we do? What do we do?‘”

Luckily, it seems as if it wasn’t just TXT who was confused, and Soobin explained that the reaction from the staff was a shock to both groups.

(We thought) the sunbaenims will probably do something for us, but we turned around and looked at them, and they were also looking at us like ‘What do we do? What do we do?’

— TXT’s Soobin

Alongside this, the clip also went viral after it showed Soobin and Jin continuously bowing to each other because they were unsure of actually what was happening. Considering it was only a month after TXT debuted, it was no surprise that the members were all nervous and unsure what to do.

After two years in K-Pop, TXT is much more confident on music shows, with Soobin even being the MC for Music Bank! It also shows that, despite their fame and experience, even BTS became flustered at that time!

You can watch the whole video below.

Source: Mnet and MMTG