TXT Spotted Showing Respect For Their Seniors NU’EST On “Show Champion”

JR noticed Beomgyu’s actions.

On the recent airing of Show Champion, episode 338, NU’EST took the number one spot with their latest title track “Love Me”. As soon as they were announced as the winners, TXT immediately realized something.


Since they were standing at the front of the stage beside NU’EST, they were in the way of their sunbaes as they prepared to give their winning speech.

That’s when Taehyun pulled Beomgyu closer toward him. At the same time, Beomgyu had already begun to move to the side, giving NU’EST more space.

Leader JR seemingly noticed and thanked them. Beomgyu respectfully bowed twice, nearly starting a bowing competition like the one between Soobin and BTS‘s Jin.

TXT once showed respect to Stray Kids during their winning speech, as well. They can’t seem to stop coming up with ways of being respectful to their sunbaes. Watch their thoughtful reaction to NU’EST here.