TXT’s Taehyun And Beomgyu Caught In 4K Contradicting Their Opinion Within Seconds, Just For BTS

K-Pop idols…they’re just like us!

When it comes to chaotic live broadcasts, it’s hard to beat TXT members. Similarly, when it comes to being the die-hard supporters of their seniors, TXT is at the front of the line for BTS. And all you need to prove these two theories right is one single moment from Taehyun and Beomgyu‘s live broadcast from April 2021.

BTS with TXT | @bts_bighit/Twitter

During the broadcast, the duo was discussing cola drinks. Both the members agreed that they felt cola is not that good for your health and so one should avoid drinking too much of it.

Taehyun: If you drink a lot of cola, it’s said to cause osteoporosis. Everyone, you should cut it off, right?

Beomgyu: Yes

But within seconds, Taehyun remembered that their seniors, BTS, are the brand ambassadors of Coca-Cola. Within the blink of an eye, the two got to damage control mode and hilariously started contradicting themselves from moments ago.

Taehyun: Oh…! But our hyungs are coca-cola models. Well…if you drink a bit much, it should be alright.

Beomgyu: I like cola.

The pair then broke into a lighter, realizing how comical the entire situation had gotten. To top it all, Taehyun,  who suddenly became the spokesperson for cola drinks, doesn’t even like it in real life and is very vocal about it everywhere!

Fans of both TXT and BTS found this instant switch-up hilariously adorable. The fact that TXT’s loyalty to their beloved hyungs goes to this extent made many fans feel proud of the dynamic between the two Big Hit groups.

One thing about TXT, they would never betray their purple duties, no matter what.

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