TXT’s Taehyun Gives Dating Advice To MOAs And It Quickly Backfires

Taehyun suggests a new line to try on your crush.

TXT‘s Taehyun is frequently on Weverse chatting with fans. Recently, he went from idol to “love guru,” inadvertently giving fans relationship advice. He hilariously got more than he bargained for as a result.

TXT’s Taehyun | @TXT_members/Twitter

Taehyun has been boxing since he was a kid and used to dream of being a professional boxer or a magician before he became a singer. 

A fan asked him on Weverse how they should approach the person that they like who they met while boxing. Taehyun replied and suggested the fan say to their crush, “let’s spar.” His reply kicked off a series of hilarious exchanges between MOAs and their crushes.

Taehyun boxing as a child | @isabamtori/Twitter

After his initial advice, fans began texting their crushes and significant others, “let’s spar,” to see how they would reply. They began to share the screenshots of their text messages on Weverse to the amusement of Taehyun and fellow MOAs.

One MOA sent the text to their crush and hilariously reported to Taehyun that the line didn’t work. The fan clarified to their crush that Taehyun had suggested “let’s spar” as a conversation starter. Taehyun amusingly asked if it was really their crush.

Another fan sent the same text to their crush, and this time the crush played along with the boxing conversation. The replies even caused Taehyun to swoon, who suggested lines to send back to their crush.

Fan’s text messages posted on Weverse | @translatingTXT/Twitter

Fan: Spar with me
Fan’s crush: Do you even know how to box? ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ
Fan: ? I’ll defeat you
Fan’s crush: Really?
Fan’s crush: You’ll probably get hurt so no no

Taehyun’s response after viewing the fan’s text exchange | @translatingTXT/Twitter

Taehyun: omg
Taehyun: Tell them, ‘You’ll probably get hurt, so n o n o
Taehyun: I’m still jealous though. If you start dating, buy me chicken

It didn’t stop there, another fan sent the “let’s spar” text, but their crush was concerned they could get hurt if they boxed and suggested the fan watch him instead.

Taehyun jokingly declared the fan and their crush were in their “pre-dating phase.

After a few fans saw success with the magic phrase, others took their texts to the next level, looking to create a little jealousy using Taehyun’s picture.

One MOA had set their profile picture to a photo of Taehyun, and their boyfriend became jealous. Taehyun hilariously commented, “I’m commenting so other MOAs see this too, I can’t be the only one seeing this.

Another MOA sent a photo of Taehyun to their boyfriend, asking if Taehyun was handsome. The boyfriend asked who the idol was and stopped responding after the fan replied, “my boyfriend.”

Taehyun stepped in with his own confident conclusion, “he’s not mad; he has fallen in love with me. He’ll probably join Weverse too!

After Taehyun’s fun exchanges with MOAs, it looks like the TXT member may be able to add “relationship counseling” to his list of many talents.

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