TXT Taehyun Went From Stopping Hueningkai’s Plushy Takeover To Joining The Cause

He wanted to stop the plushies from taking over their dorm, but Hueningkai worked his magic.

Whenever a soft, fluffy plushy is involved, TXT‘s Hueningkai is never too far away. He loves the stuffed toys so much that his collection of them was taking over the group’s dorm.

With their growing number and the limited space in their dorm, he resorted to taking over Soobin‘s space, “He said that there is no room on his bed for the dolls that he moved them to my bed. It’s so uncomfortable.

To prevent Hueningkai’s plushies from taking over even more space within their dorm, Taehyun came up with a plan to make them disappear. He would throw a few of the stuffed animals away. Fortunately for him, he didn’t seem to get the chance and ended up doing a complete one-eighty.

In one of the group’s X:TIME news segments, Yeonjun revealed a new addition to their dorm, “It is about a new member at home. Shockingly, a plushy has been discovered…”

At the mention of a plushy, MOAs would automatically think it belonged to the ultimate collector: Hueningkai.

It turned out to be the person who was most against the stuffed animals, “Taehyun once declared he would throw away all of Hueningkai’s plushies. But, one day he showed up with a cute alpaca plushy.

Even though Taehyun had been ready to get rid of all Hueningkai’s stuffed animals, all it took was one to make him see the light, “Considering that he’s been leading efforts to cut down on plushies, this comes as a shock.

See how a cute, fluffy alpaca caused Taehyun to join Hueningkai’s takeover of their dorm.