One Change To TXT Yeonjun And Beomgyu’s Visuals Made Them Unrecognizable To Their Classmates

Their classmates thought they were transfer students.

When it comes to visuals, even a small change like trying a new eyebrow shape can drastically make a difference. TXT‘s Yeonjun and Beomgyu experienced that phenomenon when they made a change to their appearance in high school that made them unrecognizable to their classmates.

Beomgyu and Yeonjun. | @TXT_members/Twitter

During the group’s GQ Japan interview, Yeonjun named his glasses as one of the things he couldn’t live without. Not only were they stylish, but he replaced the lenses to prevent blue light from harming his eyes. Although they’re not prescription glasses, he was reminded of wearing them in the past.

Yeonjun revealed that he started wearing prescription glasses in second grade but took them off in ninth grade. That’s when he switched to contact lenses and received an unexpected reaction from his classmates.

They thought he was a completely different person. Yeonjun said, “And people didn’t recognize me.” Ironically, the same thing happened to Beomgyu.

Yeonjun and Beomgyu bonded over their classmates mistaking them for a new handsome transfer student.

Yeonjun: ‘Who’s he? A transfer student?’

Beomgyu: Same!

Yeonjun: They said I was handsome. Right?

Beomgyu: Me too!

Their classmates weren’t the only ones who took notice. Yeonjun revealed that he finally passed an audition right after switching to contact lenses. At least Beomgyu and Yeonjun can now show off their duality by wearing glasses whenever they want and still look handsome—and recognizable to fans.

Listen to Yeonjun and Beomgyu’s classmates mistaking them for new people simply by wearing contacts.