Netizens Think aespa’s Karina Looks Completely Different With New Eyebrows

They give her a whole new look.

aespa’s Karina has netizens torn between her old and new makeup styles. Specifically, her eyebrows have undergone a transformation.

In her debut teaser videos, she boasts stunning visuals and arched brows.

This look mimicked a western-style eyebrow with an elongated tail, as opposed to the typical straight Korean-style eyebrow.

It gave her a modern look and accentuated her cat-eye makeup.

However, for aespa’s debut music video “Black Mamba,” she took on a different style.

She went for completely straight eyebrows that are more often seen on K-Pop idols.

Her eyebrow color is much lighter and has a more subtle look.

Netizens noted that this new style is very different from her original predebut arched eyebrows.

| TheQoo

The thicker brow shape combined with her natural dark color gave her a more youthful look, while her new brow style is more mature.

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One thing is certain: Any style she tries seems to accentuate her gorgeous visuals!

| TheQoo
Source: TheQoo