TXT Yeonjun’s Handsome Visuals Shine Even In Phone Camera Photos

If this is what he looks like in real life… šŸ˜

TXT‘sĀ Yeonjun isn’t only known for his talents in dancing, vocals, and writing lyrics. Like the rest of the members, he’s so handsome that he could be a visual. In fact, he’s so handsome that even low-quality photos from a cell phone still show how stunning he is. Here are a few that proved it.


When fans found three photos of Yeonjun taken with a phone camera, they were amazed at how handsome he looked. Despite the blurriness and the fact that he was wearing a mask, Yeonjun shined.

Between the glow of Yeonjun’s skin and the vibrancy of his hair, he proved how naturally handsome he is.

Even an up-close photo showed how healthy and smooth Yeonjun’s skin was. The photos had thousands of fans going crazy over how amazing he looked and wishing to see him in person one day. If that’s what he looks like in real life, who can blame them?

Whether it’s for a photo shoot or a quick fan-taken photo, Yeonjun always looks absolutely handsome.

Source: Twitter