TXT Yeonjun Praises BTS Suga’s Unreal Work Ethic In Discussion Of Possible Mixtape

Once he heard the word mixtape, Suga couldn’t escape his mind.

As a special surprise for fans, TXT‘s Yeonjun was interviewed for Weverse Magazine by Kim Ri Eun. On top of responding to fun questions like who he’d give a fashion makeover, he shared his stance on releasing a mixtape. In the process, Yeonjun showed how much he respected BTS‘s Suga for his solo music as Agust D.

When Kim Ri Eun introduced the topic of releasing a mixtape or solo single, Yeonjun admitted he’d thought of it, “Sure I do.” The first thing that came to mind was his BTS sunbae, “Suga recently released a mixtape.

Knowing how packed BTS’s schedules are, Yeonjun expressed praise for how well Suga was able to set aside time to work on an entire mixtape: “I’m really impressed that he keeps making his music even while being so busy.” Yeonjun wanted to do the same, “I would really like to release at least one song or mixtape.

Since the members are part of a group and come together to share a specific message, Yeonjun noted that it doesn’t leave room for each member to convey their individual stories.

I believe that TOMORROW X TOGETHER’s music explores experiences universal to teenagers that many people can relate to. But seeing as they’re songs that everyone can identify with, it’s sort of difficult to include the details of my own private stories.

— Yeonjun

Yeonjun could share a new side of himself through a mixtape, “If I were to release a mixtape, I would like to include those stories. I think MOA would like me to share those honest stories, too.

In the same way that Suga was able to show a raw side of himself as Agust D for his mixtape D-2, Yeonjun could do the same for his own mixtape tracks in the future. Suga’s unreal work ethic that he pointed out could be the inspiration that he needed.

In fact, Suga might even be able to help him with that—especially since RM had mentioned wanting to be in a sub-unit with Yeonjun, Suga, and J-Hope.

Source: Weverse Magazine