TXT’s Yeonjun Got Upset Because He Was Unsure Of Hueningkai’s Love For Him

Yeonjun just want Hueningkai’s love!

TXT‘s Yeonjun once got a little upset because he couldn’t tell if the group’s maknae Heuningkai genuinely loved him or not. It was seriously adorable!

Yeonjun (left) and Hueningkai (right)

During a live broadcast, Hueningkai got into a habit of calling Yeonjun, “Yeonjun-ssi” (Mr. Yeonjun). “ssi” is a more formal speech.

A little hurt by the formal speech, Yeonjun asked, “Why do you keep saying, ‘Yeonjun-ssi?‘” Before Heuningkai could explain, Yeonjun adorably claimed in an upset tone, “You sound so cold.”

Poor frantic Hueningkai explained, that he often called “the members withssi‘” when on a live broadcast. Yeonjun, still not convinced of Heuningkai’s love, instructed Hueningkai, “call me Yeonjun hyung (older brother).

Loveable Hueningkai once again clarified that sometimes “ssi” just comes out around the other members too. Yeonjun argued, “But why did you call me with ‘ssi’ all this time? If you don’t call other members with ‘ssi’ in other videos that I watch.”

Heunginkai reassured his offended and loving hyung that he will stop using “ssi” only to address Yeonjun with it once again.

The way Yeonjun reacted…

… Poor Yeonjun. You can feel his heartbreak.

Hueningkai tried to win him over with his charming aegyo to which Yeonjun said, “Cute.”

Yeonjun clearly just wants all of the cutie maknae’s love! Who wouldn’t? Hopefully, after Hueningkai’s irresistible aegyo, Yeonjun is convinced of his love!

Source: Naver TV


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