TXT’s Soobin Forgot His Lines, So He Tried To Play It Off By Doing This

He got just a bit embarrassed.

TXT, except Yeonjun who’s recovering form health issues, flew to Japan to attend the Tokyo Girls Collection and performed their songs “Blue Orangeade”, “Our Summer”, and “Crown”.


So, they had prepared a few lines to say in Japanese to connect with the audience. But, leader Soobin ran into a minor problem.

He couldn’t seem to remember them. When he began to speak into the microphone, he’d realized it and glanced down at his left hand, where he most likely had his lines written.

But, that didn’t seem to help him at all because he said, “Oh,” as he tried to figure out his next plan of action.

He couldn’t think of anything quick enough. So, he made the most adorable face and raised a hand to his head as he apologized.

Soobin has talked about the struggles of learning new languages in the past, so he wanted to do his best to speak Japanese, even if he had to write it down. Although it may have been a slightly embarrassing moment for him, all that really matters is that he put in effort.