An Unexpected Sound In The Background Of BTS J-Hope’s Weverse Live Catches ARMY’s Attention

This isn’t the first time it’s been heard during a BTS member’s live!

BTS‘s J-Hope recently visited with ARMYs during an emotional Weverse live, where he bid farewell for the time being to fans ahead of his upcoming military enlistment.

BTS’s J-Hope in his last Weverse live before his enlistment | @boraboravie/Twitter

The live broadcast was filled with many touching moments, but one particular moment had fans stumped.

J-Hope read messages from ARMYs throughout the live broadcast, expressing his gratitude for their support while reassuring them that he’ll go to the military and come back safely.

Just as ARMYs didn’t want to say goodbye to J-Hope, he also didn’t want to end the live broadcast or say goodbye to fans.

While he looked for things to say and a few last messages to read, some ARMYs couldn’t help but notice what seemed to be a cat meowing in the background.

ARMYs know that J-Hope has an older dog named Mickey, who J-Hope’s family rescued after he was abandoned at a gas station. In an interview last year, J-Hope shared that he dreams of having a cat one day. He frequently gives back to the community, even took a wounded stray cat to his vet, paying for all of its medical care.

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So while some ARMYs felt it wasn’t surprising to hear a cat in the background of the video, it left a few questions. Did J-Hope finally get his dream cat? Was it HYBE Labels‘ cat Toro?

The mystery hilariously grew as ARMYs realized there’d been a trend of cat noises heard in the background of other BTS members’ live broadcasts.

While ARMYs may not have an answer now, they now know to listen closely during future live broadcasts from the members!

J-Hope isn’t the only BTS member suspected of having a secret cat. Check out how Suga‘s potential secret cat was discovered in the article below:

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