V Almost Dropped A Spoiler About BTS’s Comeback Track

BTS’s “spoiler king” is back.

BTS are great at many things, but keeping secrets isn’t one of them.


The members have spoiled their own comebacks, tours, Muster performances, merchandise, and even Avengers: Endgame. 


In Episode 89 of Run BTS!, “spoiler king” V almost dropped a hint about BTS’s comeback while playing song-guessing games.


For one Pictionary-style round, each member had to draw a BTS song on a whiteboard, while the others had to guess. The members were all stumped by Jin‘s doodle.


It was a dance formation, but it took the members many tries to correctly guess “IDOL”.


At one point, V suddenly asked, “Is it the next title track“.


Uh-oh. Spoiler alert! The members burst out laughing…


…and so did fans!


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