V’s “Flex” While BTS Explained How They Treat Their Parents Made Us Normals Envious

They truly are sweethearts to their parents!

BTS are absolute sweethearts to their parents. In the KBS special talk show Let’s BTS, the members spoke about some of the sweet things they do for their parents, and V gave a “subtle flex.”


The members were asked various questions, and a question RM got asked was if he receives an allowance from his parents. RM said that he doesn’t and laughingly said that this question surprised him.

| BTS Bonbon/Dailymotion

RM was then asked if he gives his parents spending money, and he said that he gave them a card they can use! 

| BTS Bonbon/Dailymotion

J-Hope shared that he prepares special events for his parents when an anniversary or birthday is coming up!

| BTS Bonbon/Dailymotion

V shared that he recently gave his parents lots of ₩50,000 KRW (about $44.80 USD) bills. After V said this, host Shin Dong Yup laughed and told him that he did a great job! 

| BTS Bonbon/Dailymotion

Watch the clip below!


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