Veteran K-Pop Idol Spills The Secret To His Group Lasting 20+ Years

Even younger idols want to know how they did it.

Veteran K-Pop group god (formerly known as g.o.d) debuted in 1999 and is still going strong over twenty years later. They even celebrated their twenty-fourth anniversary together back in January.

god | @official_god0113/Instagram

Because of that, Danny Ahn revealed that younger idols often ask him and Son Ho Young how they’ve lasted so long.

Actually, Ho Young and I have been doing a show called ‘Lunch Attack,’ and we have so many idol singers come out on the show. And some of them ask for the secret to lasting a long time.

— Danny Ahn

Danny Ahn revealed what he tells younger idols. He emphasized that disagreements were inevitable. Danny Ahn said, “If two or more people come together, it’s impossible not to fight.

Instead of focusing on fighting, Danny Ahn said what comes after is more important. He said, “It’s not that fighting is bad; it’s just natural. But how to resolve it is the most important thing.

Danny Ahn explained that god have fought and reconciled so many times over the years that they’ve reached a point of understanding where they no longer take it personally.

Because, as I said before, we’ve been through that process for a long time now. We’ve reached a point where we don’t need to resolve things after we fight. To get that far, it’s important to resolve things well.

— Danny Ahn

If god has lasted twenty-four years despite their constant bickering, they’ve truly found the secret to maintaining a peaceful balance.

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