A K-Pop Boy Group Just “Married” Their Fans At A Wedding Venue

Fans thought they were attending a simple fansign, but…

K-Pop fansigns are always memorable experiences for fans who are lucky enough to attend. Even during fan calls, idols always give their all to ensure their fans have an amazing and often entertaining experience talking to them.

Of course, in-person fansigns are even more exciting, as they typically include performances and other exciting moments.

But K-Pop group VICTON recently went above and beyond to make what was perhaps the most memorable event yet, holding a wedding-themed fansign.

VICTON | @VICTON1109/Twitter

From the second fans entered the venue, the theme was apparent, as the fansign actually took place at a wedding venue.

The setup for VICTON’s fansign | @txxjji/Twitter

The members also dressed to fit the concept, showing off their handsome visuals in suits as they greeted their fans.

| @VICTON1109/Twitter

VICTON even posed for typical wedding pictures, truly giving lucky fans the experience of a lifetime.

Fans couldn’t get over the members’ commitment to the theme, which certainly proved how much they care about their fans.

Fans who attended the “wedding” were undoubtedly lucky even though it was entirely unexpected.

There’s no denying that VICTON truly care about making every moment special for their fans.

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