Fans Are Praising How aespa’s Giselle Is Interacting With Fans At Their Paris Fansign Event

They’ve noticed a pattern in the way Giselle treats fans.

Aespa are currently in Paris, France, for Paris Fashion Week. Despite issues with NingNing‘s visa, all four members arrived in Paris safely and have been stunning fans with their visuals.

Giselle | @baeriuc/Twitter

The group also proved to be the main event at the Givenchy Show, with fans flocking to support them.

And fans have also been loving aespas’ incredibly kind personalities in greeting fans and taking the time to sign plenty of autographs. Giselle, in particular, has been praised for her very kind attitude.

After the Givenchy Show, aespa also held a fansign in Paris, giving international fans an exciting opportunity to meet their idols. Fans lucky enough to attend were in awe of the members’ visuals.

And, as always, their incredibly kind personalities.

Fans were especially impressed by Giselle’s commitment to making the fansign as incredible an experience as possible for fans, noting her immense enthusiasm and constant fanservice.

Fans pointed out that it feels like Giselle is treating her fans like friends, always excited to see them.

MYs are definitely proud of their idols.

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