Video Of 7-Year-Old Somi Singing Hannah Montana’s “Nobody’s Perfect” Resurfaces

Much like any other child during the Hannah Montana era, Jeon Somi appears to have been a big fan of Hannah Montana, and this footage of the idol performing the hit singer’s “Nobody’s Perfect” is proof.

In the video 7-year old Somi is seen jamming out to “Nobody’s Perfect” as she sings her own shorter rendition of the song while attempting to follow the choreography.

Despite a rocky start on SIXTEEN where she was eliminated from joining the girl group TWICE due to her lack of dancing skills, Jeon Somi persevered. She participated in another competition show and won first place on Produce 101, landing herself at the center of I.O.I, one of the biggest girl groups of 2016.

Who would have thought that the 7-year-old in the video would grow up to be the center of one of K-Pop’s biggest groups in 2016?

Check out 7-year-old Somi’s performance below!