Video Reveals How BTS’s Flight Was Overtaken By Sasaengs

Fans just want the members to be safe.

BTS is the hottest group around and unfortunately that can come with some major drawbacks. One of the biggest drawbacks to being so popular is having sasaeng fans who are willing to go any length to satisfy their obsession with their idols.


The boy group has had plenty of scary run-ins with sasaengs in the past. From being mobbed at the airport…


To being chased down the streets, but fans are extremely worried about a recent incident that took place up in the air.


ARMYs were stunned to find out that sasaengs boarded the same flight as BTS and were quick to disembark from the airplane as soon as they landed to catch sight of the members once more.


The original post of the incident was said to have been uploaded by a Big Hit Entertainment employee who was sitting in the economy section of the plane and witnessed the whole event.

Luckily, BTS were said to be in a completely different section of the plane.


While it hasn’t been confirmed that these are indeed sasaengs and not just weary travelers desperate to get off the plane, many netizens are saying that the footage points directly to the typical behavior displayed by these extreme individuals.


Fans are convinced they are sasaengs. They are not happy that this happened and have been calling them out for their behavior.


And have even rallied to raise funds for a private jet so something like this doesn’t happen in the future.


All this talk has, in turn, sparked the conversation about idols’ safety. The same thing has happened to Wanna One

[★TRENDING] Wanna One fans stalk members and cause chaos during flight


… and EXO-Ls pointed out any manner of bad things could have happened to EXO when they found out the members had been riding in the economy section of the airplane.


And although BTS were sitting in a different section of the plane than these sasaengs, ARMYs picked up the conversation too.