“Vincenzo” Actor Kim Young Woong Reveals He Made Mistakes On Set Due To Song Joong Ki’s Beauty

“…I forgot my lines.”

TvN K-Drama Vincenzo actor Kim Young Woong, who played the role of Park Seok Do, confessed that he made multiple mistakes while filming because of Song Joong Ki‘s beauty. He appeared on the May 11 episode of MBC Every1‘s Video Star and shared what it was like working with the popular actor.

He’s handsome and very good at acting. There were times that I was so absorbed in his acting and his good-looks that I forgot my lines.

—Kim Young Woong

He then joked, “I think he’s too much because he’s so distracting on the set and breaks the tempo,” which had everyone laughing.

Kim Young Woong also praised Song Joong Ki for being quick-witted since he responded almost instantly to all of Young Woong’s ad-libs. He revealed that the line, “Can you call me hyung?” was an ad-lib, and Joong Ki quickly ad-libbed back with “Hyung my foot, I’m about to hit you!”

Song Joong Ki was connected to the show via phone and shared, “Even if it’s not me, it’s enough. Kim Young Woong is so charming and funny.

Source: WikiTree