“Vincenzo” Actor Kwak Dong Yeon Reveals What Was Most Important To Him While Playing Jang Han Seo

It was no doubt an iconic character!

Actor Kwak Dong Yeon has been stealing the hearts of fans since he made his acting debut back in 2012. In particular, he has recently gained a lot of attention from his role as Jang Han Seo in tvN‘s K-Drama Vincenzo.

| @kwakdongyeon0/Instagram

Kwak Dong Yeon recently sat down with THE STAR MAGAZINE and was asked what was most important to him when playing the role of Jang Han Seo.

Jang Han Seo was the younger half-brother of the villain and started the series as a pretentious, dim-witted lackey. Yet, Kwak Dong Yeon emphasized that he never wanted his character to be hated.

Han Seo is a villain who doesn’t go over the boundary. He tends to make viewers support him a bit by being suffered by his older brother and being ambitious by himself.

— Kwak Dong Yeon

He also added how grateful he was to the director for giving him a character that fans thought was cute, despite being initially seen as a villain.

I really appreciate the playwright for making him like that.

— Kwak Dong Yeon

There is no denying that the character evolved into a true hero that fans rooted for during the series. There is no denying that he is an iconic character that will always be remembered for his loyalty and cheerful personality.

You can watch the whole video below.

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