VIXX’s Ravi Responds To Malicious Tweet Saying “Each Person Means The World To Someone Else”

The rapper took a stand against the malicious comment for the sake of both himself and other idols.

VIXX member Ravi responded to a negative post made on June 11 on Twitter, aiming at netizens who make malicious toward him and other K-Pop idols.

The original tweet suggested that Ravi’s sense of self and social awareness was due to his success as an idol, and all that usually goes with that, in particular great wealth. The rapper was quick to respond, making it clear that wealth had nothing to do with his awareness, nor should it ever play a factor in evaluating the worth of another person. The original tweet has since been made unavailable to the public.

There is no one who means nothing to others. Each person means the world to someone else. Don’t place my value high or low based on money alone. If you must judge or hate on someone, please resolve that issue in a place where those who care [about that someone] cannot see.


Shortly after his retweeted response, Ravi added another comment of a more positive nature intended to reassure his fans.

Fans, please have fun watching the stage performance. We communicate and spend precious time with each otherso that we can pleasant and happy memories together, right? Please don’t waste any energy on me, please don’t worry about me! Please email the data [about malicious comments] to the company. Thank you for enjoying the performance today ☺️🤘


This isn’t the first time Ravi has addressed malicious comments towards him or other idols on social media. He responded to similar comments directed at him with comments of his own, which were posted on his Instagram story on April 27 of this year.

Many other idols have suffered from hateful comments online, including Block B’s ZICO and IZ*ONE. Their experiences with malicious comments online have resulted in lawsuits with charges made against those who have made malicious comments towards the artists. Online web portal NAVER has also taken action against malicious comments towards idols by removing the comment feature on articles about them, as such comments have resulted in a lot of mental and emotional suffering for many idols.

Despite all of the work that’s being done by entertainment companies, web portals like NAVER, and social media platforms, the negative comments still manage to occur and cause mental and emotional harm to their targets. Regardless, Ravi has assured that he will continue to advocate for the online safety and mental and emotional well-being of others.

Source: Sports Seoul