VIXX’s Ravi Reveals the Heartwarming Reason Behind Why He Wanted to Become a Bodyguard

Ravi is such a sweetheart…

On a recent episode of MBC’s Save Me! Holmes, VIXX‘s Ravi made an appearance and confessed the real reason why he wanted to become a bodyguard when he was young.


The show introduced a story of a family of 4 that wanted to use separate rooms, and when the two siblings were seen yielding way to each other, Yang Se Hyung compared the situation to Ravi and his sister.

There’s someone who’s totally obsessed with his little sister right here. It’s Ravi. The rumors have already spread that he cherishes his little sister like crazy.

– Yang Se Hyung

In response, Ravi confessed something that really proved that he’s the sweetest older brother.

I have a little sister, and I wanted to protect her so badly that I wanted to become a bodyguard growing up.

– Ravi

Ravi continued to express just how much he loves his little sister.

I really cherish her. So I understand the situation so well.

– Ravi

Ravi has a little sister named Ji Won, and in contrast to siblings who bicker and fight, they are known to really take care of each other.

In the past, they even showed to express their love for each other via text as well.

Oppa, I miss you.

You were in my dreams last night.

– Jiwon

After finding out that Ravi wanted to become a bodyguard just for his little sister, fans are once against fawning over Ravi and his “sweet Oppa” ways.

Honestly, how sweet can Ravi get?

Source: Insight