VIXX’s Leo Is The Perfect Sleepy Boyfriend In These Photos

Starlights’ eyes have truly been blessed today.

Jellyfish Entertainment recently shared behind-the-scenes photos of VIXX‘s Leo from his Theater+ September pictorial to their Naver page. Ever the charmer with his cool, shy attitude, Leo looks every inch the perfect boyfriend in this swoon-worthy photoshoot.

The photos really capture the essence of Leo’s masculinity and quiet tenderness.

Starlights are finding themselves wooed all over again by his soft, sleepy appearance.

Although VIXX is currently on a hiatus due to N’s enlistment in the Korean military, Leo’s had a busy summer. In June, it was revealed that he was cast as Axel von Ferse in Marie Antoinette. In July, fans learned that he would be included in a book that featured five of the industries top idols. And, in August, he and fellow VIXX member Ken reunited with the group’s leader N for lunch.

Source: Naver