WayV’s Kun Knew ENHYPEN’s Jungwon As A Kid — And He Has The Sweetest Things To Say About Him

Nothing but positive vibes here!

WayV‘s Kun recently had some sweet words to say about ENHYPEN‘s Jungwon, whom he reportedly knew as a trainee at SM Entertainment.

Fans were excited to find out that Kun had discussed Jungwon and ENHYPEN during a radio show, and, being his sweet and charming self, Kun had had nothing but cute things to say about them.

He had been listening to ENHYPEN’s new track, “Blessed-Cursed”…

…and, according to Kun, Jungwon had been extremely hardworking (and handsome!) since he was little. Kun also adorably said that he felt amazed when seeing the “Blessed-Cursed” music video, and that Jungwon keeps becoming more handsome somehow. And of course, Kun also says that he’s really happy for him!

Kun is known to be a very kind and considerate leader, with even people outside of WayV commenting on how thoughtful he is. Although he and Jungwon don’t seem to have known each other on a personal level, it’s sweet to see how much Kun still appreciates Jungwon and his achievements.

It would be amazing to see more interactions between these two in the future, and perhaps even a friendship!