WayV’s Ten Reveals He Downloaded A Cat Language Translation App — Here’s What He Tried To Do With It

“I tried meowing at it…”

WayV‘s Ten is known for his love of cats! He owns two furry little (well, not so little) felines, Leon and Louis, as well as a dog called Bella. During a video call fan sign, a fan wanted to introduce Ten to an app that apparently helps you translate cat language.

The app, Meow Talk, is used by cat lovers and pet owners globally. Although there’s no guarantee of its accuracy, it makes for a fun app anyway. The fan told him about the app and here’s what he had to say.

I already have the app! I tried it, and I tried going meow at it, and it came out as ‘I love you’. I tried to meow at it myself, and the meaning was displayed.

— Ten

The fan shared with Ten that if he tried it on Louis and Leon, the results would a hundred percent come out as “I love daddy“. However, Ten had other ideas.

Suddenly? No. It will all come out as ‘I wanna be alone‘. For real, okay.

— Ten

Aww, Ten! We’re sure your kitties love you for taking the best care of them.


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