WayV’s Ten Reveals That He Once Ate A Dental Treat Meant For Pets

Can’t believe we stan this man 🤦

All fans of WayV‘s Ten would know that he absolutely treasures his 3 adorable pets, Leon, Louis, and Bella! (He’s secretly biased to Louis 🤫) However, it seems that he took that love a little too far to the extreme end once! During a recent live stream, Ten admitted that he accidentally on-purpose ate one of the pets’ dental treats.

Ten had been sent some dental treats by a pet shop that one of the other members, Kun, frequents. However, he did not know if it was meant for the animals, or for him. Being the ever-curious artist that he is, Ten decided that there was no harm in directly testing the product to find out.

Soon, the smell tipped him off and he realized that something wasn’t right. After a quick search on the internet, he finally confirmed his suspicions that the products were indeed meant for his pets. On the upside, Ten seemed rather positive about the experience and claimed that it was a learning point in life! Check out his confession below.


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