WayV’s Ten Hilariously Reveals He Cares More About His Cats’ Opinions Than His Members’ On His Fashion

All he cares about is what Louis and Leon would think!

In a previous episode of Enjoy The Challenge! WayV‘s Ten and Yangyang visited a professional to help them identify their “personal colors.”

| WayV/YouTube

Now that they are equipped with their personal colors (Ten with cool winter tones and Yangyang with warm spring tones), the two went shopping for clothes in those color categories. Ten was having a field day, picking out bold look after bold look that may or may not necessarily fit in with his color category.

Let’s just say that Yangyang was surprised by his outfit choices as well.

After some deliberation, Ten decided to not go with the tiger printed set, saying it would probably scare his cats Louis and Leon.

Yangyang laughed, saying the cats aren’t the only ones who will be surprised, but the members as well. Ten remained hilariously unbothered, saying he doesn’t care if the members get surprised.

Seems like Louis and Leon’s opinions are more important than his members’ when it comes to fashion! Watch their full shopping adventure below:

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