The Way WayV’s Ten Casually “Infiltrated” YG Entertainment’s Building For BLACKPINK’s Lisa

Besties will do anything for each other.

WayV‘s Ten famously visited the YG Entertainment practice rooms in order to teach BLACKPINK‘s Lisa the choreography for “Kick Back”. She had asked him for the favor so she could properly mentor her students on Youth With You, who were dancing to that song. As Ten’s group, WayV, is the original performer for the song, he personally taught her the dance.

A lucky fan asked Ten about how he felt, going to the YG Entertainment practice rooms.

Oh, YG practice room? It was nice. It was my first time. Lisa invited me so I just teach Lisa like the dance. It was fun. New environment, and I just feel it’s fun. Like, going to other people’s companies.

— Ten

Later on, the fan commented that Ten certainly was casual about strolling up to another company despite being an SM Entertainment idol.

Yeah, I think it’s okay, I don’t know, I just don’t care about anything right now. I just gotta do what’s right.

— Ten

Not only did she manage to get some thoughts from Ten about visiting the infamous YG practice rooms, she also adorably told him that he had hit the top hot topic on Weibo that day, thanks to the video! Ten made sure to thank Lisa laoshi (teacher).

What a humble king! We’re loving the interactions between the Thai besties. Watch the finalized performance of “Kick Back” below!

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