WayV’s Ten Has Met His Match In Stray Kids’ Han And Changbin

Their references to a shared favorite would make them the most hilarious trio.

Although WayV‘s Ten along with Stray KidsHan and Changbin sound like one of the most random pairings for friendship, their mutual love for a popular animated movie would have them bonding in no time and becoming the best of friends.

In episode three of SKZ-LIFE, the producing team 3RACHA naturally gathered to have some fun and greet fans. With all of them currently having blond hair, Changbin wanted to point out how different his hair color was to theirs, “I’m the face of the team, so I’ve got a hint of green in my hair.”

Upon hearing the color green, Han couldn’t pass up the chance to make a fitting reference, “Like Shrek?”

To Bang Chan‘s amused surprise, Changbin squeezed Han’s hand to the point where he shouted in pain. He played along with Han, comparing him to a character as well, “Donkey, why are you doing this to me?” Han didn’t mind the comparison.

Making Changbin and Bang Chan laugh, Han didn’t hesitate to play his role, shaking his head and making animal noises just like a donkey would. There’s someone else who loves Shrek just as much; actually, even more.

If you know Ten, it’s one of his favorite movies ever. Similar to how Han and Changbin were quick to compare each other to the movie’s character, he has done the exact same thing. He’s not only matched each WayV member with a character from it for Teen Vogue, like Xiaojun as Dragon

But, he’s also moved onto SuperM during their WIRED interview, matching Baekhyun to the Gingerbread Man for a reason the two knew all too well as groupmates. If Ten ever got together with Han and Changbin, they would have too much fun.

All of them would have the funniest conversations about it, from explaining why their members resemble the characters to reenacting iconic scenes. After all, friendship has to start somewhere.

Watch Han and Changbin take a page from Ten’s book to somehow weasel Shrek into the conversation, starting from 5:37.