WayV And TXT Can’t Deny Yangyang And Hueningkai When It Comes To Their Fluffy Friends

The maknaes always get their way.

WayV‘s Yangyang and TXT‘s Hueningkai prove they’re truly maknaes on top with the way they can take over their dorms with their love for stuffed animals.

Yangyang | 威神V_扬扬_YANGYANG/Weibo

At the mention of his most precious item, Yangyang only had one thing on his mind. He said, “I have a teddy bear.

The answer prompted both Kun and Xiaojun to expose the funny truth. Kun added, “You have a lot, not just one.

Whether they’re small or oversized, Yangyang has so many plushies they could rival his massive sneaker collection.

Despite Kun hinting that Yangyang’s collection might be a bit too excessive, he ended up taking a liking to them as well.

Yangyang isn’t the only maknae collecting the plushies left and right—and making his members see how lovable they are.


Hueningkai has such a big collection of stuffed animals that Soobin shared that he no longer had his own bed to himself. Soobin said, “He said that there is no room on his bed for dolls that he moved them to my bed.

Though he and Taehyun came up with a hilarious way to stop Hueningkai from taking over their dorm, they ended up joining him in with their new love for stuffed animals as well.

Not even their members can stop the maknaes from collecting all the stuffed animals to fill up their dorms.

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Yangyang and Hueningkai might make you want to snag a few fluffy friends for yourself.

See Kun share just how much Yangyang loves more than a few good plushies.