WayV’s Visual Prince Winwin Once Cut His Own Bangs During Quarantine — With Surprising Results

He can make anything look good.

WayV‘s Winwin is well-known for his talent and his quiet charm (which many NCTzens say is the reason they fell in love with him). In addition to being a great dancer, singer, and now actor, Winwin once also demonstrated a rather unexpected talent—and that is, cutting his own hair.

| @wwiinn_7/Instagram

Winwin has always been known as one of NCT’s leading visual members, and his latest activities as a model and actor only continue to prove that.

| 董思成WINWIN工作室/Weibo

But Winwin’s uniquely handsome visuals cannot be attributed just to styling and makeup. In fact, he even went viral once just for taking his mask off at the airport, proving the power of his natural visuals.

Winwin can make anything look good…

| @wwiinn_7/Instagram

…even when he cuts his own hair! It seems like Winwin must have been a little bored while he was in quarantine during March 2021, so, like many of us, he took it upon himself to experiment a little and cut his own bangs, posting an update about it to his Instagram account.

| @wwiinn_7/Instagram

And while he is not a professional hair stylist, the results were surprisingly not bad!

| @wwiinn_7/Instagram

It looks like he did not cut too much, only enough to get his hair out of his way. If Winwin hadn’t shown proof that he had cut it himself, one would have never guessed!

| @wwiinn_7/Instagram

While Winwin continues to be busy with his schedules in China for now, fans are hoping to see him reunited with WayV and the rest of NCT soon. Especially since we get certain occasional clips of him…

…that remind fans of just how much we need him back in action with his members! Hopefully he will be back soon to join WayV for their upcoming comeback in 2022!