WayV’s Winwin Mentions Jungwoo, Giving NCTzens Hope About His Return From Hiatus

Jungwoo’s return is getting closer and closer.

At a recent fan signing event for WayV, a fan asked Winwin which NCT 127 member he missed the most. His answer gave NCTzens the hope they needed for Jungwoo‘s return.


Since Winwin hasn’t promoted with NCT 127 since 2018’s “Regular”, he began by saying that he misses them all.

Despite that, it turns out that he sees them often. With that in mind, the fan asked which of the members he’s seen recently.

He’d revealed that he’d seen Jaehyun and Jungwoo two days before the fan signing to share a meal, meaning they’d most likely spent Christmas Eve together.

Jungwoo will be tentatively resuming activities with the group in 2020. With a supposed sighting of him at a mall with another member and his recent meeting with Winwin and Jaehyun, Jungwoo’s hiatus seems to be precisely what he’d needed to recover.

NCTzens are getting closer and closer to having sunshine Jungwoo back and will be ready for whatever’s next, whether he’ll be ready for the new year’s promotions or needs just a bit more time for recovery.


They’ll be rooting for him no matter what. Listen to Winwin give NCTzens hope here.


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