WayV’s Winwin Is Not Normally Clingy — But That Didn’t Stop Him From Easily Melting His Members’ Hearts

“He doesn’t usually say things like this” — Kun

Last week WayV celebrated their third anniversary as a group on January 17. Three years after they debuted, the members got together to hang out, chat with fans, and have fun. But sadly not all of them were able to join in person. Winwin is currently in China carrying out solo activities as an actor and model, but he still managed to join for a while via phone call.

Winwin is known as one of the more calm and low-key members, though his sweet personality has garnered him a fan club even within NCT, which was the subject of a hilarious Welcome to Sun & Moon episode during NCT’s 2020 comeback.


The Winwin ‘fan club’ came on as guests on the show hosted by Haechan and Taeil, where the club’s representatives claimed that Winwin, much like a cat, is irresistible due to his air of indifference.

As both a host and a representative of the Winwin fan club, Taeil shared that Winwin is also someone who doesn’t really care for ‘cringy things’…

…which is why it came as quite a shock to WayV when Winwin said “I miss you” to the members on their anniversary.

It was such a surprise, in fact, that they didn’t even realize at first that he was speaking to them, thinking that he was saying it to the fans instead. But then Winwin confirmed it, and they were left utterly incredulous.

And they weren’t the only ones! Fans also felt extremely touched by Winwin’s words…

…especially when both Winwin and the members said their classic words of encouragement, “Let’s winwin!”

And then again when we were blessed with a wholesome interaction between Winwin and Doyoung after Doyoung left a sweet comment on Winwin’s Instagram update.

Even though Winwin is far away from his members at the moment, the fact that he is still melting everyone’s hearts, both the members’ and the fans’, shows just how endearing his personality is. We wish Winwin the best with his acting career and his other solo activities in China, but we also hope to see him back with his members soon!

You can watch the Winwin fan club episode of Welcome to Sun & Moon below.