WayV’s Winwin Had The Softest Reaction To A Staff Member Taking Away His Fan Gift

He can have whatever he wants 🥺

WayV‘s Winwin has such a lovable personality that his fellow NCT members can’t help but form a group of his admirers. With his reaction to a staff member trying to take away one of his fan gifts, he’s making everyone fall for him even more.

Following one of the group’s fan events, Winwin held tightly onto a stuffed panda a WayZenNi gifted him. When a female staff member reached for it, Winwin didn’t waste any time stepping back, out of reach.

Winwin was so attached to his new stuffed animal that he didn’t let it go even when the staff member followed him. It was so amusing that Hendery couldn’t resist cracking a smile as he watched.

In the end, Winwin passed on his new friend to the staff member. The fact that Winwin had been so protective of the gift had fans melting at how precious he was.

Though some worried why the gift had to be taken from Winwin, it was most likely for his safety since idols have admitted to receiving gifts with hidden cameras and recording devices.

See Winwin’s adorable reaction to having his new fluffy friend being taken from him.