Here Are 5 Of The Worst Things Sasaeng Fans Have Done To K-Pop Idols

Number 2 is just scary.

Sasaeng fans are one of the worst things that K-Pop idols have to deal with. These are “fans” who invade the privacy of their favorite idols. There have been plenty of disturbing things that sasaeng fans have done to K-Pop idols. Here’s a list of 5 of them.

1. Sasaeng fans ruining EXO Baekhyun’s brother’s wedding

Baekhyun is not shy about letting sasaeng fans know that he dislikes them.

Throughout his career, Baekhyun has dealt with a lot of heartbreaking situations due to sasaeng fans. One of the worst things he’s experienced was when sasaeng fans came to his brother’s wedding to get the attention of the EXO members. Photos showed how frustrated Baekhyun was at these “fans”.

2. Lee Bon getting kidnapped

In an episode of Soo Mi’s Did You Eat, first-generation idol Lee Bon spoke on the time when she got kidnapped by a sasaeng fan. Lee Bon shared that one day, she suddenly blacked out when she was heading to her manager’s car after a day of work.

It was a very cold day. My manager went ahead to heat up the car since I only had about 10~20 minutes left of filming. I finished filming and headed down a long stairway, but just as I was getting close to the car I blacked out.

— Lee Bon

Not a photo of the actual incident

When Lee Bon woke up, she saw that she was in a stranger’s house. Lee Bon then heard a conversation going on outside and confronted her kidnapper.

When I opened my eyes the next day, I realized I wasn’t in my room.

I heard from outside the room, someone saying, ‘Why did you bring her here and cause all this trouble?’ I realized that my kidnapper may not want to harm me.

I went outside and asked why they kidnapped me.

— Lee Bon

Not a photo of the actual incident

It turns out that he kidnapped Lee Bon since his brother was a huge fan of hers. Lee Bon then made peace with the two and decided to spend a day with them.

The kidnapper told me that his brother was a big fan so he went overboard for him.

Realizing he was a fan, I asked them to show me around their neighborhood.

— Lee Bon

3. BTS’s Suga nearly getting kissed by a sasaeng fan

A sasaeng fan once ran up on Suga and attempted to force a kiss on him.

Suga was shocked by this and tried to get the sasaeng fan away from him.

A staff member soon came and was able to get the sasaeng fan off of Suga.

4. Sasaeng fan harassing NU’EST’s Minhyun

When Minhyun was at an airport, he encountered a sasaeng fan who disgusted many netizens. This sasaeng fan followed Minhyun around the airport and made multiple posts on her social media account.

Thank you for letting me know how much you hate me. It’s okay, I have time. Let’s play;)

Sasaeng fan

Despite how uncomfortable Minhyun was, the sasaeng fan continued invading his privacy.

So scared, he keeps looking back at me wtf.

— Sasaeng fan 

5. Sasaeng fans trying to spy on Apink

In an episode of Abnormal Summit, Apink’s Chorong and Naeun spoke a bit about their worst experiences with sasaeng fans. Chorong shared that sasaeng fans sometimes would come to their hotel rooms.

They would somehow find out our room numbers and call us late at night or knock on our doors. Once I looked through to peek hole to see who it was, and a man was knocking on my door with a tablet in hand. I couldn’t go out, because I was in my pajamas and I couldn’t make a sound since it would confirm that I was in the room.

— Chorong

Naeun then shared that they’ve received gifts that had hidden cameras in them!

Sometimes we would open gift boxes from fans and it would contain a recording device or a hidden camera.

— Naeun

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