WayV’s YangYang And SEVENTEEN’s Jun Prove They Have The Most Chaotic Friendship

“We never reply to his messages” — YangYang

The members of WayV and NCT seem to have gotten close with SEVENTEEN‘s Jun, with Jun even celebrating WayV Kun’s birthday with him and NCT DREAM‘s Chenle. But WayV YangYang‘s chaotic energy is something else altogether, and some recent happenings on live seem to prove that his friendship with Jun is even more hilarious.

Things started with some cute words from YangYang, as he revealed that he and Jun are, in fact, quite close—and that they had gotten to know each other well over the past year. He also said that Jun is a really nice person!

But when YangYang invited Chenle onto his live, the two of them began talking about Jun. Chenle shared that Jun had texted him earlier that day, but Chenle had not replied.

| @mansehao/Twitter

The two of them laughed a bit at that, and YangYang revealed that Jun often sends a lot of texts in their shared group chat…that no one ever replies to.

Chenle protested, saying that he generally always replies to Jun’s messages…

…but YangYang then continued to incriminate himself and Jun’s other friends by saying that no one had replied to Jun the last time he wrote in the group chat.

But that wasn’t everything… Jun had revealed in his own live stream before Christmas that he had told YangYang that he would have to spend Christmas alone due to his being in quarantine. Being his usual devious self, YangYang had replied to that by sending Jun the song “Lonely Christmas,” which Jun hilariously said had made him threaten to ‘beat YangYang up.’

YangYang was clearly extremely amused by the situation, having brought up the subject himself on his own live and laughing at Jun’s reaction after he had sent him the song.

| @mansehao/Twitter

YangYang very much embodies chaotic energy, so it’s no surprise that his friendships are like that too. We can’t wait to see more of this friendship and their hilarious bickering!