Webtoon Artist Of “True Beauty” Reveals If Jugyeong Is Inspired By Her Own Self Or Not

She also talks about her favorite episode!

Yaongyi, the webtoon artist behind True Beauty recently took the time to sit down and answer some questions for her fans on YouTube channel, WEBTOON.


The first question she answered was, “are there any singers or idol groups, or celebrities that you are a fan of?”

The next question, that may be a burning question for all True Beauty fans was, “team Suho or team Seojun? Did you already decided who Jugyeong will end up with?” She shows her quick thinking by slyly answering this question!

Many fans of the web toon believe that the main female character Jugyeong and the web toon artist resemble one another. When asked if she took inspiration from herself to create Jugyeong, this is how Yaongyi responded.

With her incredible success, a fan asked “what was your first reaction when you heard True Beauty would be made into a drama?” Yaongyi had the cutest response.

Fans were curious about the web toon artist’s favorite episode of her creation. When asked which episode was her personal favorite, this is how she answered.

The female lead was originally meant to be a male. When asked, “what made you change the male lead in an early version of the comic into the current female lead”, this is how she responded.

The next question she was asked was about her role models, if she had any. To no one’s surprise, this is how Yaongyi answered.

We love the transparency that she shared with her fans while answering their burning questions. You can check out the entire Q&A session with Yaongyi down below!

Source: Naver