“Wednesday” Actress Emma Myers Gives A Shout-Out That Has K-Pop Fans Falling Even More In Love

The talented actress continues to show K-Pop love!

Netflix recently released the show Wednesday, a fantastical retelling of the classic fictional Addams family, which began as a cartoon in the 1930s and turned into a franchise with a television show and multiple films.

At the creative helm of American filmmaker Tim Burton, the Addams family’s brooding daughter, Wednesday Addams, was brought back to life by talented American actress Jenna Ortega.

In the Netflix adaption, Wednesday is sent to a boarding school, Nevermore, where she seemingly faces life-threatening situations and doom at every corner. While she often unflinchingly faces dangerous scenarios head-on, her perceived biggest obstacle throughout the show is learning to co-exist with her roommate Enid Sinclair, who is Wednesday’s complete opposite.

Emma Myers as Enid (left) and Jenna Ortega as Wednesday (right) in their characters’ shared dorm room | Netflix

Emma Myers, an American actress on the rise, plays the bubbly and optimistic Enid. Emma Myers’ character quickly became a fan favorite for her lovable personality. Off-screen, she continues to gain fans for her incredible talent and the recent discovery that she’s a massive K-Pop fan.

Emma has shared her love for SEVENTEEN and LE SSERAFIM in interviews and follows K-Pop artists such as SunmiIUSHINeeBTSTWICEStray Kids, and ASTRO, among many others.

While K-Pop fans are already excited that she’s an outspoken K-Pop queen, her recent interview with her fellow Wednesday cast members has fans falling even more in love.

During the cast’s Music To Blank To interview with MTV, the actors were asked what song would be the best theme song for their character. Emma answered that the theme song for Enid would either be by the American rock band Paramore or the K-Pop group LOONA.

LOONA | @loonatheworld/Instagram

With the iconic reveal that Enid is a K-Pop multi-fan, fans were already excited. Still, Emma Myers further solidified herself as the ultimate Korean music fan after the cast was asked what artists they were listening to lately. Emma didn’t miss her moment to shout out the K-Indie band Wave to Earth.

They’ve got really cool, chill music, and they’re really good so people should check them out.

— Emma Myers

Fans loved that she took an opportunity to encourage people to check out Korean music, and hopefully, it will inspire some of the show’s fans to give the exciting, ever-evolving genre of K-Pop a try!

Check out Emma Myers’ favorite group in the article below!

“Wednesday” Actress Emma Myers Reveals Her Ult K-Pop Group, And It Should Come As No Surprise

Source: Twitter

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