Netizens Can’t Believe The Gorgeous Haircut Transformation Of Weki Meki’s Lua

She suits short hair so much!

Weki Meki’s Lua recently received attention from netizens for her short haircut in their new music video “OOPSY,” and she looks absolutely stunning! Previously, she typically sported longer hair and experimented with different colors and styles.

However, her new short haircut brings out her natural beauty.


She looks beautiful with long hair, but I think she rocks this short hair the best…

— Netizen’s comment

The combination of switching to a more natural makeup style and cutting her hair short gives her an innocent and beautiful look.

I think cutting her hair short helps her bring out her charms. She’s so pretty.

She looks 10000x times better with short hair. It was a good decision.

— Netizens’ comments

In Weki Meki’s concept photos, she shines brightly with her new look.

Check out Weki Meki’s music video below where she debuted her new look, “OOPSY!”

Source: TheQoo

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