Weki Meki’s Sei And Suyeon Used Their Voices To Help Children In Need Through “Star Book Room”

Sei and Suyeon participated in the book reading project:

Despite being busy preparing for their comeback, Weki Meki‘s Sei and Suyeon took the time to help children in need by participating in Star Book Room.

Image: @WekiMeki/Twitter

Run by 10Asia and Naver Audio ClipStar Book Room aims to bring stories to children in need who have a hard time accessing books or who have trouble reading by bringing the books to life through audio recordings.

Sei and Suyeon both showcased their big hearts by taking the time to participate and lend their voices to the project. For her part which was released on June 15, Sei got into character to tell the story of The Dog, The Cat, And The Magic Marble. Suyeon, whose reading will be released on June 18, meanwhile, dove into the story of The Muttering King.

While their role as storytellers for the cause has already warmed many hearts, Sei and Suyeon are also excellent storytellers. In fact, they are so amazing that on-site staff were reportedly amazed at their expressive emotions and ability to make the characters come alive!

Sei, Suyeon, and their fellow Weki Meki members, meanwhile, are currently preparing to make a comeback with their 3rd mini-album HIDE and SEEK at 6 PM KST on June 18.

Source: 10Asia and Sports Donga

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