Welcome To Another Episode Of BTS Not Knowing Their Own Songs

Multiple members received a failing grade on this sound quiz.

If BTS and ARMY faced off in a Bangtan trivia quiz, who would win?

In the last seven years, BTS have released more songs than some artists produce in a lifetime. Between the rap and vocal verses, there are tons of lyrics to memorize, even if each member focuses solely on his own parts.

In Episode 91 of Run BTS!, BTS’s knowledge was put to the test. They played a sound quiz (refereed by MC V) where they had to identify lyrics after a computer recited them with foreign accents.

The accents made everything sound like gibberish, at first. Nagasaki? Did it say “Nagasaki”?

To add chaos to confusion, some members couldn’t remember who sang/rapped which parts, including their own!

When RM correctly guessed lyrics from “Jamais Vu”, Jin asked, “Whose part is this?”

“It’s your part!” Jungkook exclaimed, swatting him. “How can we guess this?” Jin fired back.

“It’s our song!” J-Hope shouted, shoving Jungkook. The maknae had only one thing to say to that.