Not Everyone Appreciates BTS Jin’s “Hip-Hop Culture”

“Someone” can’t handle Jin’s price tag habit.

BTS‘s Jin doesn’t follow fashion trends: he invents them. Unfortunately, not everyone appreciates his genius!

Many people get embarrassed when they realize they’ve forgotten to snip price tags off their clothes, but not Jin. For years, he’s been leaving them attached on purpose.

Why? It’s “hip-hop culture”, that’s why!

In a recent live stream with Jimin and Suga, fans immediately noticed the tag on Jin’s shoes. This unbothered king likes his tags like he likes his microphones: on. Someone else, however, doesn’t feel the same way!

On May 5, a fan posted about Jin’s tags on Weverse. They wrote, “He really likes those tags so much.” 

In reply, Jin revealed that someone–or someones–just can’t handle his “hip-hop culture”.

“The one(s) who can’t stand [the tags] take them off,” he wrote.

Who are these tag snatchers? For now, it’s a mystery, but if Jin needs a designated tag-remover, fans are happy to volunteer!

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